Year 9

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40 Powerpoint Mental Starters

for Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

Year 9 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.


 Addition Square (Negative Numbers)

 Areas of Circles - Approx

 Box & Whisker Diagrams

 Centre of Enlargement


 Change of Subject

 Circle Theorems

 Cumulative Frequency Tables

 Decimal Multiply & Divide


Difference of Squares

Direct Proportion

Expanding Expressions

Expanding Pairs



Functions with Powers

Highest Common Factor

Inverse Functions


Lengths in Circles - Approx

Metric Units - Area & Volume

Mid Points from Co-ordinates

Mid Points of Lines


Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

Percentage Multipliers



Recurring Decimals

Rounding - Significant Figures

Sequences - Squares & Negatives

Simplifying Algebra with Powers


Sines, Cosines, Tangents

Solving Inequalities

Speed, Distance, Time

Standard Form


Standard Form Multiplication

Straight Line Graphs

Sum of Squares

Tree Diagrams


Two Way Table

Two-Variable Equations

Upper and Lower Bounds

Volume of Cylinders



The Year 9 Presentations Are:

NUMBER (15 Starters)

Addition Squares (Negative Numbers)     *     Decimal Multiply and Divide     *     Difference of Squares
Direct Proportion     *     Highest Common Factor     *     Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
Multiplying Fractions     *     Percentage Multipliers     *     Reciprocals
Recurring Decimals     *     Rounding - Significant Figures     *     Standard Form
Standard Form Multiplication     *     Sum of Squares     *     Upper and Lower Bounds

ALGEBRA (11 Starters)

Change of Subject     *     Expanding Expressions (Single Brackets)     *     Expanding Pairs of Brackets
Factorising     *     Functions with Powers     *     Inverse Functions
Sequences - Squares and Negatives     *     Simplifying Algebra with Powers
Solving Inequalities     *     Straight Line Graphs     *     Two-Variable Equations


Areas of Circles - Approx     *     Centre of Enlargement     *     Circle Theorems
Lengths in Circles - Approx     *     Metric Units - Area and Volume     *     Mid Points from Co-ordinates
Mid Points of Lines     *     Sines, Cosines and Tangents     *     Speed, Distance, Time
Volume of Cylinders

HANDLING DATA (4 Starters)

Box & Whisker Diagrams     *     Cumulative Frequency Tables
Tree Diagrams     *     Two Way Table





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