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65 Powerpoint Mental Starters

for Year 3 Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

You can choose to have this provided on an 8Gb Flash Drive, or sent electronically.


This contains 65 Powerpoints, all current, and fully linked to the Current National Curriculum.  There's at least one Powerpoint Mental Starter for every statement on the Curriculum. 

You will receive all the powerpoint presentations, a spreadsheet showing the links to the national curriculum, plus a screenshot of each powerpoint, so you can see at a glance what they look like.


Year 3 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.

 2D Perimeters

 3 Digit Place Values

 Abacus Numbers - 3 and 4 Digits

 Add 10 or 100

  Add Pad 2 and 3 Digits

 Adding Coins

 Adding Wheel

 Addition Blocks

 Angles in Shapes

 Bar Charts

 Barrel Totals

 Block Stacks

 Calendar Quiz

Change from £5

Change from £20

 Difference Targets

 Divide Statements

 Domino Total

 Fallen Leaves

Fastest Runner

 Finding a Half

 Equivalent Fractions

Fraction Flags

 Fraction Minus

 Fraction Orders

Fraction Plus

 Heavy Weights

How Many Each

Inverse Octagons


  Largest Number

Missing Digit Multiply


Missing Numbers - Addition

Missing Numbers- Division

 Missing Numbers - Multiplication

 Missing Numbers - Subtraction


Missing Tenths

 Money Rounding

Multiples of 4 Signs

Multiply and Divide by 3


 Multiply and Divide by 4

 Multiply and Divide by 8

Multiply Statements

Name the Lines


Number Line Fractions

Number of Seconds

Ordering Parcels

Path Distances



Right Angle More or Less

Right Angle Spotting

Say the Number


Shape Orientations

Split Groups

Take 10 or 100

Take Pad 2 and 3 Digits


Tell the Time - Analogue Clock

Tell the Time - Nearest Minute

Tell the Time - Roman Numerals

Tenth Stars



Time Anagrams

Traffic Light Multiply

Tree Table


Using a Ruler





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