Sgiliau rhifedd *WELSH*


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Sgiliau rhifedd


40 Exciting and Colourful Powerpoint Mental Starters to Develop Numeracy Skills - IN WELSH

Professionally translated by Welsh Primary School staff.

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Bonus:  At present, this download will contain both the English and Welsh versions of this product

Each presentation contains 20 questions (A screenshot of each powerpoint presentation is show below), with the answer appearing after each question.

This is the WELSH LANGUAGE  version of this product - You will receive an e-mail with a link to enable you to download the product in the form of a zip file containing all the powerpoints.

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This version can be used by all staf in your school.



 + Adio rhifau 2 a 3 Digid

 + Adio 5 rhif o dan 50

 + Adio pedwar rhif dau ddigid

 +Adio pedwar rhif un digid

 + Adio tri rhif degol 2 ddigid

 + Adio tri rhif dau ddigid

 + Adio tri lluosrif o 10

 + Adio dau rif degol 2 ddigid

Adio dau rif 3 digid

Adio amrywiaeth o rifau a degolion

Tynnu cyfanrif o ddegolyn - rhif degol

Rhif cychwynnol 4 digid

Tynnu cymysg (cyfanrifau a degolion)

Tynnu lluosrifau o 5

Tynnu lluosrifau o 10

Tynnu rhifau tri digid

Tynnu rhifau dau ddigid o rifau tri digid

Tynnu rhif un digid o rif dau ddigid

Tynnu rhif dau ddigid o rif dau ddigid

Tynnu degolyn - rhif degol o gyfanrif

Degolyn 2 ddigid x cyfanrif

Lluosi gyda 5

Lluosi gyda 10, 100, 1000

Sgwario degolion

Sgwario cyfanrifau

Tri digid wedi ei luosi gyda un digid

Ymarfer ein tablau

Dau ddigid wedi ei luosi gyda dau ddigid

Dau ddigid wedi ei luosi gyda un digid

Lluosrifau o 10

÷ Rhannu rhif degol - degolyn 2 ddigid gyda rhif un digid

÷Rhannu rhif degol - degolyn 3 digid gyda rhif un digid

÷Rhannu rhif 3 digid gyda rhif un digid

÷ Rhannu gyda 3, 6 a 9

÷ Rhannu gyda 10, 100, 1000

÷ Rhannu gyda ffracsiynau

÷ Rhannu rhifau o dablau lluosi

÷ Darganfod Pumed

÷ Haneru

÷ Adrannau cymysg


Product Code: Number Skills Welsh