Year 6 Powerpoint Mental Starters


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70 Powerpoint Mental Starters

for Year 6 Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

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This contains 70 Powerpoints, all current, and fully linked to the Current National Curriculum.  There's at least one Powerpoint Mental Starter for every statement on the Curriculum. 

Your download contains all the powerpoint presentations, a spreadsheet showing the links to the national curriculum, plus a screenshot of each powerpoint, so you can see at a glance what they look like.


Year 6 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.

2 D Shape Descriptions

 Add and Take

Algebra Boxes

Angle Finder

Angles in a Triangle

 Angles in Quadrilaterals

Area - Parallelograms

Area - Triangles

Areas and Perimeters

Block Comparison

Cake Mix

Calculation Estimates

Common Multiples

Coordinate Island

Decimal Remainder Divisions

Diameter and Radius

Digit Pick

Digit Place Values

Digit Positions

Distance Conversion

Division with Remainders

 Equation Pairs

Factor Up

Formulae with Minus Signs

Formulae with Plus Signs

Fraction Adds

 Fraction Divided by Whole Number

Fraction Equivalences

Fraction Takes

Fraction Times

 Fraction to Decimal

Fractions in Order

Identifying Primes

Line Graphs

 Long Division Remainders

 Long Division

Long Multiplication

Mass Conversion

Mean Averages

Mental Boxes

 Menu Choices

Miles and Kilometres

Missing Sequence Values

Negativer Number Ruler

Net Choices

Number Scaling

Operation Orders

Percentage Estimates

Percentage Shapes

Pie Chart Questions

Possible Formula

Reflect Correct

Round Up

Rounding Numbers

Same Denominators

Scale Factor


Shape Reveal

Shapes and Regular Polygons

Simpler Fractions

Temperature Differences


Time Switch

Times Signs

Total Sign

Translation Moves


Tree Heights

Unequal Money

Unequal Shares

Volume Conversion


Volume - Cubes and Cuboids

Wooden Gate Questions





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