Accessing Downloads

When you purchase a product on our website, you will  receive an e-mail to confirm your order, which will give a link from which you can download the product.

Once your paypal payment has been processed you will be able to download the product from the link which is e-mailed to you, or from the website (as below).


Or, you can download the product from our website as follows:

Log in using the username and password you chose yourself

Hover the mouse over the [+] next to your name at the top left of the screen, then click on the Your Account option which appears.

Then click on Your Digital Downloads

Finally click on the icon for each of your downloads to download them to your PC.

The following illustrations shows an example of what you should see on your Downloads Page:


If you make an order by e-mail or phone, without using our website to place the order, we will send your order electronically, together with an invoice to the e-mail address you provide.  (This option is available to schools and organisations only).

We will release the download key manually, to that you can then download the item(s) in your order once we have processed your order.